Pinstripes & Polka Dots Nail Polish Strips

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Pinstripes & Polka Dots Nail Polish Strips

*We recommend using a top coat with this design. Includes 16-20 double ended nail polish strips (as shown). Colors may vary slightly as device screens will differ.

Disclaimer: According to our vendors these strips are real nail polish strips. The ingredients list was provided by our vendor. BellaHoot is not equipped to test these products to validate the ingredients but want to provide you with the description and information we have available to us. 

Please note that a top coat may help your manicure last longer. We cannot promise how long your manicure will last as everyone’s experience may differ. Everyday chemicals such as lotions, sunscreen, cleaning products, chlorine and more, can cause a chemical reaction to our strips and break down their consistency, causing fading, lifting, removal, and other complications to your manicure. Even some top coats can break down the strips so we suggest testing it on a small part of one strip and allowing to completely dry, before continuing to apply to the rest of your strips.

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